Body Works by Lori Licensed Lafayette LA Massage Therapist

I’m a Lafayette Louisiana Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) operating in the Acadiana Area. I offer relaxing On-Site Massage Therapy services in the comfort of your home or office. Louisiana Licensed Lafayette Massage Therapist LMT #LA2079

Deep Tissue –  Is a form that concentrates on aligning the deepest connective tissues and muscle groups.  It is most beneficial for relief of tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back.  It’s very similar to traditional massage therapy but the treatment is slower and more concentrated on the sources of pain and tension.

Thai – This style concentrates on stretching and deep tissue massage.  This style of bodywork massage therapy involves no oils where you lay on a mat in comfortable clothes on the floor and the Therapist places you in many different yoga-like positions during the treatment.

Swedish – This form of massage fosters deep relaxation by easing muscle tension.  It can be applied by the Therapist in  various ways.  Either through deep gentle continuous strokes or by vigorous and agitating motions to relax your major muscle groups.  Please let the Therapist know your preference of applied pressure.  It can be light and soothing or firm and deeply relaxing.

Reiki – It’s a form of therapeutic healing created by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist in the early 1900′s. This type of therapy is known as the path to healing and a step toward enlightenment.  People that have experienced a Reiki treatment often describe extreme feelings of comfort and warmth during the course of a session.

Raindrop Therapy – Is a technique that uses pure essential oils to promote overall wellness of the mind, body and spirit.  This therapy blends reflexology, aromatherapy, massage and damp heat to promote cleansing and healing by bringing electrical forces and the structural harmony of the body into alignment.

Reflexology – This technique is performed by applying acupressure to your feet, hands or ears.  The benefits of this therapy are reduced tension, improved circulation and it promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Couples – Is where two people are massaged at the same time with any style of massage you desire.  The space you provide must have ample room for two massage tables and two massage therapists to work unobstructed.

Available: By Appointment Only – Please call (337) 280-3300